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Anonymous asked: I love your interiors! You inspired me to do two things - watch Twin Peaks series all over again and wait a half of hour 'til my Sims 2 loaded. My English totally sucks - sorry about that!Please show us more of your creations, especially the houses :) Cheers! :)

Hey thanks! I think you just gave me that little push I needed today. And I’m glad that I’m able to inspire you to do two such awesome things! And your english is terrific, at least I think so. English isnt my native language :)

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Anonymous asked: Are you like so excited about the Twin Peaks come back for 2016 ?

Actually I feel so divided! It’s sort of a dream come true to get to see Twin Peaks again and not knowing the episodes by heart, but I’m also very particular about things like this. I hate it when TV shows goes on and on and derail and totally leaves it’s soul behind. And even though Lynch and Frost has had a really long time to think about this and I’m sure this will be a work of love more than anything else, I think there’s a huge chunk of what I love about Twin Peaks that can’t be recreated. And the biggest question of them all, how could they ever pull this off without the original Bob?!

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Anonymous asked: Where did you get these walls and curtains from last Twin Peaks inspired interior? :)

I made most of the walls myself using these walls by Amovitam as a base, except the walls in the bathroom which I got here. If you want my edited/remixed walls let me know and I’ll upload them. As for the curtains you’re gonna have to be more specific which ones, since I used about for of them and hunting down all the recolors is sort of a big job :)

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Anonymous asked: What are some good simblrs to follow? I spelt simblr wrong in my last ask sry!:)

I’m sorry, I don’t think I can answer that anon! it really depends on what you’re looking for in a simblr :)

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Anonymous asked: [1] Its good to see you're kind of back posting again, hope to see more! Do you think you could do a wcif for post/98316384707? I was looking for the books, palm, statue on shelf, blanket, and bedroom curtain [2] did you finish your belladonna cove and pleasantview story/playthrough?

Hey thanks, it’s always nice to come back to the sims :)

The books are from here, here and here (pictures seems to be down in the last link, but it’s in Evanesco’s gift). Palm is from here. Statue can be found here. The blanket is a slave to Jonesi’s bed blanket, I think it’s this one, but I’m not entirely sure which one of the gazillion recolors that is, here and here are good options though. And the curtains can be found here. Phew!

As for Belladonna and Pleasantview, Belladonna was lost some time ago but Pleasantview is only on hiatus I think. My Sims playing goes through cycles and right now all I want to do is decorate. I’ll probably get back to Pleasantview later.

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Anonymous asked: Hey! I'm the anon that asked about the Goth manor, if you could tell me where the wallpapers, curtains and windows are from it would be greatly appreciated :)

Hi again anon! The curtains are from this set by hafi, windows are from here and here, and I made all the wallpapers myself, I uploaded them here for you!

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Anonymous asked: Would you be at all willing to make you Goth manor available to download? I've been coveting it and I haven't been able to find all the custom content to make it over myself (please!)

I’m sorry anon, I don’t upload lots because of the terrifying amount of CC that I use in them, and it’s very cluttered with poseboxes, forgotten OMSPs and not to mention the Goth family at the moment. But I’d be happy to try and answer any WCIF you might have!