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Anonymous asked: Oh my, I just caught up with your Noir pics of pleasantview and they are AMAZING <3 I'm so inspired to run off and do a pretty 1930s hood full of smoke and intrigue...

Thanks anon! I would looooove a hood like that. This actually reminds me I’ve forgotten to post Dina’s noir picture. And I have to figure out what to do with Cassie and Mary-Sue.

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Anonymous asked: will you be getting the the sims 4? :)

I could write a long rant about this (I mean what the fuck was that last demo and how psyched are they about this fucking bro trait?!) but the short answer is no. I might try it at some point in the future though when all the simblrs have convinced me with pretty pictures.

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Anonymous asked: {1} Are there any other pre-made neighborhoods you like? {2} Can you upload some of your models that you used for your clothes (I like when creators have names + back stories made up for them, I read something from you on livejournal and I feel like you'd come up with interesting bios for your models.

1. I like Belladonna Cove, I see story possibilities and upperclass dramas going on there. And Riverblossom Hills, maybe not so much for the characters but I like the rural feel and seasons is one of my favourite EPs.

2. I only upload sims if they’re specifically requested. Like if there’s a certain sim, or several, you’d like I’ll be happy to upload them for you. All my sims have names, but no bios though.

I have three of them shared here.

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Burned up my decorating mojo for now, so it’ll stay like this until I feel like poking at it again, I think.

So cool! I never know what to do with that lot!

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Anonymous asked: Hey bun! I love your pictures and sims! Especially the maxis makeovers you've recently been doing! I was just wondering if you could tell me what skin default's you use?

Thank you, you’re so sweet! I use Lilith’s Primal skinblends as defaults.

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Anonymous asked: Are you too busy to play these days?

Yes, you have to forgive me, I’m swedish and summertime is holy.