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Anonymous asked: Hi there, I love your "Pleasantview goes noir" pictures! Can you tell me where you got the lovely hat Bella is wearing in "The Mystery" image? Thanks!

Hi! Sorry for the late reply. Bella’s hat can be found in this post here, though I edited the mesh for that specific picture, it has a flower/bow thingy originally :)

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Anonymous asked: So Dina poisoned Mortimer...wow

Don’t worry, Mortimer is fine :) The Pleasantview goes noir pictures are not part of what actually goes on in my Pleasantview.

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Anonymous asked: Where do you get your hair retextures from?

Since there are a lot of creators that use Pooklet’s textures I get them from a lot of different places. Like, A LOT.  But to mention a few that has lots of Pookleted hairs in one place I guess MYBSims, Trapping, and I still raid Stakeit-uk for older hairs sometimes. And rented-space of course!

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Anonymous asked: Oh my, I just caught up with your Noir pics of pleasantview and they are AMAZING <3 I'm so inspired to run off and do a pretty 1930s hood full of smoke and intrigue...

Thanks anon! I would looooove a hood like that. This actually reminds me I’ve forgotten to post Dina’s noir picture. And I have to figure out what to do with Cassie and Mary-Sue.

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Anonymous asked: will you be getting the the sims 4? :)

I could write a long rant about this (I mean what the fuck was that last demo and how psyched are they about this fucking bro trait?!) but the short answer is no. I might try it at some point in the future though when all the simblrs have convinced me with pretty pictures.

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Anonymous asked: {1} Are there any other pre-made neighborhoods you like? {2} Can you upload some of your models that you used for your clothes (I like when creators have names + back stories made up for them, I read something from you on livejournal and I feel like you'd come up with interesting bios for your models.

1. I like Belladonna Cove, I see story possibilities and upperclass dramas going on there. And Riverblossom Hills, maybe not so much for the characters but I like the rural feel and seasons is one of my favourite EPs.

2. I only upload sims if they’re specifically requested. Like if there’s a certain sim, or several, you’d like I’ll be happy to upload them for you. All my sims have names, but no bios though.

I have three of them shared here.

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Burned up my decorating mojo for now, so it’ll stay like this until I feel like poking at it again, I think.

So cool! I never know what to do with that lot!